Resources for developers

Access the model catalog and validation framework in your own tools and workflows

The Validation Framework Python client

The Python client allows you to search the Model Catalog for models and tests, to create and upload new models and tests, to download model and test code, run model validations, and upload the results to the Model Catalog.

For more details, see the full Python client documentation. For examples, see the online use cases of the Brain Simulation Platform.


The Validation Framework REST API

All of the functionality of the Model Catalog can be accessed through a REST API (alternative documentation format). It is this API that is used by both the web interface and the Python client, but it can also be used from any other website or with another programming language.


Direct Knowledge Graph access

If you need more fine-grained access than is available through the REST API, you may be able to access the underlying metadata in the EBRAINS Knowledge Graph directly using the fairgraph library. Please contact us to request access.


Any questions?

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